The Most Flattering Eyeshadow Combinations

We may never get tired of experimenting with our makeup and yes, being bold and standing out does feel good. However, there are a few tested and proven combinations that every woman should know that come in handy in those moments when we lack inspiration or simply want to be sure we look good.

Golden and brown

This classic duo is a perfect go-to when it comes to creating a smokey yet subtle and elegant eye makeup. Here’s a tip: start with crafting your eye makeup before applying foundation so that you can easily correct every imperfection without having to start over.

Cream and taupe

Go for matte eyeshadows with good pigmentation. This combo goes well with every outfit, in every situation, plus it is perhaps the most common one to find. Dark brown shades can be used to dramatically sculpture the eye or softly shape it, so as to make it look bigger.

Bronze and plum

Combine bronze shadows with plum to craft an irresistible gaze. This dreamy combo will give depth to your eyes. Try defining the eye with strong black eyeliner for a bold finish.

Dark orange and navy blue

Orange is the colour of your dreams if you want to accentuate your eyes. It creates a magical contrast when combined with blue and it always looks trendy. Carefully apply orange on your eyelid, then instead of eyeliner apply the blue with a hard angle brush.

Rose and champagne

This is a very feminine combination, an excellent choice for all those ladies who want to look fabulous and sensual. Apply the champagne-coloured eyeshadow all over your eyelid up until the crease. Add a touch of pink to the center of the eye. Blend well for a perfect finish and an unforgettable look.

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